Trekkie Golf: Hit ‘em Long and Prosper!

I’ll never forget the first time I heard someone tell me I was playing “Trekkie Golf” – I had just launched my drive way out of bounds. As we watched my ball disappear deep into the woods, one member of my foursome said; “I guess you’re playing Trekkie golf.”

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Star_Trek_Golf_Article1We all turned and looked at this guy a bit confused. “Yeah, Trekkie golf,” he said. “Because your ball just went where no ball has gone before.”

Being a fan of Star Trek, I have since used that line whenever I get the opportunity (which is quite frequently amongst my foursome). In fact, we even added the term “Trekkie Golf” to the GolfStinks Golf Glossary.

However, beside this one reference, golf and Star Trek don’t share much in common together. After all, to many fans, Star Trek is a guilty pleasure. Unless you can put yourself in the same class as the the male cast members of The Big Bang Theory (who wear their love for Trek out in public…literally), then you are probably a closet Trekkie (or at least someone that doesn’t talk about it too much).

But now, the official website of Star Trek ( has launched a line of golf accessories at its online store. Now we Trek fans can show-off our Starfleet pride out on the golf course with balls; club-head covers; and a sweet Enterprise divot tool! And if you really want to garner some attention out on the links, you can also sport a Star Trek Uniform Polo (in your choice of three bright colors: command yellow, engineering red or science blue)!

Hit ‘em Long and Prosper!

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