TrendyGolf: Seasonal Trend, The Color Pink

Step out of your comfort zone this season and embrace one of the color trends that is worn by some of our most trendy, modern men. A color that has qualities related to romance, sensitivity and tenderness which is possibly why some men avoid this color at all costs; while the ladies have no problem showcasing this shade. The color we are referring to is of course, Pink.

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Sometimes it isn’t a case of wearing something that is entirely pink, but having the color present in the pattern or the finer details. This can certainly help with outfit inspiration and allows clarity when choosing other items to compliment the color that best suits your style.

We here at TrendyGolf have put together two outfits, one for the ladies and one for the men. These outfits utilize a pink colored item as the central focus and are paired with other items to complete the outfit. The concept behind these looks focuses on a combination of pieces that can be worn on the golf course and easily transition to the ’19th Hole’. Call it a “ways to wear pink” guide if you will!

Ladies Outfit

Yes ladies, it’s time look pretty in pink! We started off the outfit by choosing a perfectly pink polo. This polo is extremely versatile and can be worn no matter what the body shape. We suggest that you tuck this polo into one of our Colmar white skorts and follow one of the most popular women’s golf trends this season.

We paired this with a berry glove, a different shade of our dominant pink color, in order to make the color pop. Keeping the shoe neutral allows pink to take center stage. We finished off with a matching jacket and bag and now the outfit is TrendyGolf approved! It’s always fun to play the “good girl” card when wearing pink!

Mens Outfit

Men, it’s time to introduce a new color into your wardrobe! We started out with our Hugo Boss Medium Red pant. Pastel pink is always a solid option when trying to look fashionable without overwhelming the outfit. We paired these pants with a similar subtle tone and lightweight fabric to showcase the pant, therefore choosing our clean, white polo.

A grey blazer was added to the mix and provided a sophisticated touch to the outfit. This automatically transforms your outfit to an off the course look. We then threw in a pair of our comfortable G-Fore Gallivanter shoes, adding a nice accent color to the whole look. We finished with a complimentary glove and a bag. This outfit is officially complete! It’s time to expand and grow with confidence!

Final Word

Pink is officially chic. Utilizing this shade will add a splash of color and personality to the ensemble. In order to take your outfits to the next level, you need to start out with a uniquely fashionable color. Why not start with Pink?

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The idea of TrendyGolf began back in January 2004 when a couple of self-confessed golf nuts were discussing the new designer brand ‘look’ that was winding its way on to golf courses all over the world. TrendyGolf is not just aimed at the fashionable golfer; it is an institution that wants to bring the latest designs from the trendiest designers around the world, to the fore front of fashion, both on and off course. It’s all about confidence and with TRENDYGOLF.COM as your personal tailor, you’ll be one up on the first tee against your uninspiring opponent.


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