TrendyGolf: Seasonal Trends, Winter Whites

Wearing white can be a daunting task and this shade is often avoided for a number of silly reasons. Firstly, people mistake white as a summer color and only stick to wearing it during this time of year. Secondly, many are afraid that this white piece of clothing will make them look wider versus a slimming, dark black. Thirdly, many fear their outfit will be too boring and plain with a simple, white item. We are hear to prove these theories wrong and to help you step into a winter white look!

Yes, the winter season is approaching and due to the cold weather changes, many store their brights and bring out their darks; but you don’t have to this season! Stay in the light and wear your winter white. Impress your fashionable friends and show them that this is the new fad of the season.

One of the biggest myths in wearing white is that it will make your shape appear wider. However, our winter white items flatter your look no matter what your size. Our JL Gusten Micro Twill White Pant is a perfect example of an eye-catching, sleek white. They have an elegant narrow fit that includes a trendy tuxedo tape detail on the side seam. Check out our other trimming white items on our site!

Adding a white accessory to an outfit not only compliments the other colors in the outfit, but also adds a fun, snowy, winter look! These accessories will help you personalize your look and complete your outfit.


The great thing about fashion is the individuality it brings and freedom of choice to wear what you like, when you like and how you like. Prepare your wardrobe for the winter season and wear white, just don’t wear it as a guest to a wedding!

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The idea of TrendyGolf began back in January 2004 when a couple of self-confessed golf nuts were discussing the new designer brand ‘look’ that was winding its way on to golf courses all over the world. TrendyGolf is not just aimed at the fashionable golfer; it is an institution that wants to bring the latest designs from the trendiest designers around the world, to the fore front of fashion, both on and off course. It’s all about confidence and with TRENDYGOLF.COM as your personal tailor, you’ll be one up on the first tee against your uninspiring opponent.


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