Tuning Fork: TaylorMade R1 App

So you went out and treated yourself to a brand new shiny R1 driver from TaylorMade Golf. You marvel at its 168 different adjustable settings. You smile at its innovative design and feel. But you have no freaking idea which settings are right for your game.

With the new R1 Tuning smartphone app, TaylorMade just solved your problem.

Free for download at the Apple store, the new app is simple to use and is the next-best option to getting a personalized driver fitting by a PGA professional. All you have to do is follow the app’s on-screen prompts to start tuning your R1 driver to meet your game’s needs.

Want to eliminate that nasty slice? How about finding the setting to help straighten out that duck hook? This app will not only show you which setting to use on your driver, it will also give better players suggestions on how to shape their shots.

Finally, the app also provides a search function to locate certified TaylorMade professional club fitters in your area for those players who prefer a more personal touch.