Video: How Golf Balls Are Made

Everyone knows golf balls are little white (and sometimes colored) balls with dimples all over them, stamped with a brand and possibly your lucky number. The thing that most people don’t know is how those pesky — and sometimes uncontrollable — balls are made.

Unlike making hand-crafted wooden golf clubs, manufacturing golf balls is a much faster and machine-dominated process:

I know these are just Top Flite range balls, but it’s still an awesome process to watch. All that time and work to create something that will be hit by a club swung at roughly 90 mph and possibly lost within 10 minutes of hitting the course.

So, next time you’re teeing off with a little extra anger after making a bogey on the previous hole, think about what it took to create that little dimple-covered ball you’re about to crush. (Not really, but it wouldn’t hurt)

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