Warning: Golf Carts Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

Golf carts aren’t meant to be crashed. Well, neither are cars, but getting into a golf cart crash will be really bad for all parties involved.

Most golf carts have governors (thankfully) on them, limiting the speed of the cart, which helps prevent crashes on the course. Allowing a golf cart to drive down a hill at 25 mph would not be a good idea.

After watching this video of golf cart crash tests, you’ll be a lot more cautious when driving one. At least, you should be.

I never thought they were as safe as cars, but I didn’t know they’d fold like a lawn chair. Not to mention, the steering wheel is sure to do some damage to your jaw and face. This video is awesome, yet extremely scary.

At least the background music is uplifting and lighthearted, because the crashes aren’t.

h/t Jalopnik

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