You Can Design Tiger Woods’ Nike TW ’14 Shoes

Tiger Woods is a pretty stylish man on the golf course. Of course, his outfitter, Nike, has a lot do with that, but still, the man looks good roaming the fairways.

And in 2014, he could wear a pair of shoes designed by you. The world’s No. 1 golfer sent out this tweet Tuesday morning:

Oh, we’re all over this. We went straight to the designing board and put together some beauties, if we can say so ourselves. Here are nine suggestions for Tiger:

The Back9Network shoe:

Back9 shoe

The Team USA shoe in support of girlfriend Lindsey Vonn:

Team USA shoe

The most un-Tiger shoe ever, which we would pay money to see him wear:

Craziest shoe ever

The shoe most likely to be designed by his daughter:


The “green with envy” shoe to remind his competitors how much green he owns:


The Denver Broncos shoe if they win the Super Bowl:

Broncos shoe

The Seattle Seahawks shoe if they win the Super Bowl:

Seahawks shoe

The Oregon shoe in support of Nike boss Phil Knight:

Oregon shoe

The Stanford shoe in support of Tiger’s alma mater, and the most likely one on this list he’d wear because it works so well with his Sunday attire:

 Tiger or Stanford shoe


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