Ahmad Rashad: Tiger and Rory’s Rematch in China

The Match at Mission Hills,” is a rematch of the duel in China in which Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy battled last year. That head-to-head tilt was taken by McIlroy, and you can be sure Woods wasn’t happy about it. The world No. 1 is highly anticipating a chance at redemption when the two meet up on Mission Hills’ Blackstone Course Oct. 28.

More From Ahmad: What Makes Back9Network Unique

And as much as The Match may be billed as an exhibition, Back9Network’s Ahmad Rashad believes it’s much more. One guy may pick up something on the other that he can use to his advantage at a later tournament. Both have egos they want to protect from being bruised.

They’re not just playing 18 holes for fun.

Back9Network Will Be Live Streaming the Event Around the World* and Live Blogging “The Match at Mission Hills” Beginning at 11:45 PM ET.  For All of the Details Click  Here!

(PGA Tour rules restrict broadcasting an event such as this in the United States.)

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