10 Of The World’s Most Unbelievable Golf Carts – Page 2


This thing is flat-out cool. It looks like something NASA might deploy on a mission to Mars to go off-roading. If this is the future of golfer transportation, I’m excited.


Ferrari Cart

This custom Ferrari golf cart from Pennwick Sports Car is boss. Ironically, the only people who would have one of these probably owns the real thing, too. 


100mph Golf Cart

Why trade the safety of four wheels for the freedom of two when you can have the feeling of cruising the open road at triple-digit speeds on this bad boy? Okay, it isn’t street legal, but it still does 100mph. And that is pretty cool, since anyone who has enjoyed a beer or two while riding 18 holes has tried to disable the governor and haul-ass around their local muni. 


Mercedes Golf Cart

Mercedes has long been synonymous with luxury and style and now they’ve got the luxury golf cart business in their crosshairs. Shouldn’t be too difficult of an industry to corner since “luxury golfcart” is kind of an oxymoron, right?


Pickup Cart

This cart is modeled after the classic ’56 Chevy pickup and is awesome. Clearly, it’s difficult to scale a pickup truck body onto a golf cart, but this is pretty well done. Anyone would be lucky to ride around in this stylish piece of (sorta) Americana.


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