10 Toughest Holes In U.S. Open History – Page 2


Winged Foot Golf Club – 18th hole, par 4, 450 yards


West Course, Mamaroneck, New York
Years: 1929, 1959, 1974, 1984, 2006

One of the most notorious holes in Open history is the 18th at Winged Foot. This tight, tree-lined dogleg left has an undulating fairway and a steep back-to-front slope to the green that sends balls back down towards the fairway. In 1974, it averaged 4.63; in 2006, it averaged 4.47. This was also the site of Phil Mickelson’s infamous “I’m such an idiot” rant after blowing a chance to win when he had a one-shot lead and made double.


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