2019 Honor Roll: Irons

A set of irons is a big investment not only monetarily, but in your game as a whole. With so many great options on the market, players of all skill levels can find precisely what they’re looking for from players irons, to game-improvement sets to super game-improvement sets.

The world of irons is your oyster.

Take a look at the irons that made our 2019 Honor Roll. 

(Note: clubs are presented in alphabetical order)

Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1/2

Report Card: With style and forgiveness in mind, the Tour B JGR HF 1 and 2 irons are designed with the traditional cavity back. The HF1’s sport variable face thickness to provide responsiveness no matter where the ball is hit, while the forged HF2’s feature a thinner face with a “power slit” face design that improves the feel of thinly struck shots.

Price: $849.00


Ben Hogan Ft. Worth

Report Card: An improvement on the original 2015 irons, the Ft. Worth Black and White finish irons have a redesigned depression cavity with larger size in the longer irons to put more mass around the perimeter of the head and cut down on mis-hits.

Price: $700.00


Callaway Apex 19


Report Card: Made of soft carbon steel, these new irons include a cup face that extends all the way to the 8 iron and microspheres that absorb unwanted vibration and noise without slowing the face.

Price: $1,400.00


Callaway Big Bertha

Report Card: The Big Bertha irons feature Callaway’s thinnest face ever, optimizing ball speed off the face. A new “floating weight” in the cavity lowers the center of gravity to enhance the way the face flexes and feels.

Price: $1,199.99


Cleveland CBX

Report Card: Cleveland’s goal with these irons was to produce easier-to-hit long irons and easier-to-control short irons. Low profile long irons and compact short irons give long shots higher launch and short shots more consistency.

Price: $914.24


Cobra King F9

Report Card: The King F9 irons have a very distinct look for a reason; the low heel and toe areas create a low center of gravity for extra forgiveness while transitioning V-shape to U-shape grooves (from long to short irons) help control spin.

Price: $799.99


Cobra King Forged CB/MB

Report Card: This set is unusual in that it has the forgiving-style cavity back through the 6 iron and traditional muscle backs the rest of the way. Milled faces and grooves, similar to those on the Cobra wedges, are an added feature thanks to the “tour-inspired” design.

Price: $1099.00


Miura MC-501 / CB-301 / IC-601

Report Card: The MC-501 muscle cavity back combines the playability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity. The CB-301 cavity back irons are the longest full-forged cavity back iron that Miura has produced, blending a tour inspired shape with the feel of a players iron and the forgiveness every golfer wants and needs. The IC-601 is designed for greater distance, more forgiveness and tighter dispersion patterns.

Price: Starting at $1,560.00


Mizuno JPX

Report Card: This line of three performance irons each comes with a unique base material. The Tour irons offer high workability with a soft feel and added stability, while the Hot Metal irons offer high ball speeds with increased flight. The Forged set are made for an all around great look and feel with Mizuno’s fasted forged ball speed.

Price: Starting at $1,000.00


Ping G410


Report Card: Taking what they learned from their previous 10 iron sets, Ping launched the G410s as a set that will stand the test of time. Reducing the offset by 10% for a more appealing look and creating a cascading sole to increase flexibility are some of the many new features of this set.

Price: $1,000.00


Ping i500

Report Card: Ping took the best characteristics from the older i200 and G700 iron sets to create the i500’s. The irons’ hollow structure and forged, heat-treated, high-strength steel face allow for five times more bend at impact compared to cast iron, increasing distance.

Price: $1,300.00


Ping i210

Report Card: The newest addition to Ping’s player irons, the i210’s carry different groves in the lower part of the set to compensate for different shot types. There’s a larger elastomer port in the back of the head that improves feel and weight distribution.

Price: $875.00


PXG 0311 Gen 2 X/XF/P

Report Card: The Gen2 irons are full of new, innovative technology. Cor2 technology dampens vibrations while the ultra-thin 1.5mm face allows weight to be redistributed elsewhere to optimize launch conditions.

Price: Starting at $2,800.00


Srixon Z785 / Z858

Report Card: Distance in the long irons and workability in the short irons gives you the best of both worlds with this set. The compact shape creates a blade-like profile at address while the “Tour Cavity” design creates more opportunities for shot shaping.

Price: $999.99


TaylorMade M5

Report Card: A fluted, discrete hosel and compact size give these irons a no-nonsense look. Although the lofts are stronger than standard, the low center of gravity allows for a higher flight.

Price: $999.99


TaylorMade M6

Report Card: The M6 irons are TaylorMade’s first game-improvement iron to have a “speed pocket.” This technology frees up the lower portion of the face to have a larger sweet spot and reduce spin.

Price: $899.99


Titleist AP 1/2/3

Report Card: The AP series are Titleist’s top of the line irons. The AP1’s foster explosive ball speeds with a forgiving face while maintaining the classic look and feel. The AP2’s are the ultimate combination of consistent distance and forgiveness, while the AP3’s are the longest and fastest players irons Titleist has ever produced.

Price: Starting at $165.00/club


Titleist 718 T-MB

Report Card: The ultimate utility iron has grown from your go-to club to a full set of clubs that prioritize distance at every loft. A hollow body and unsupported face maximize ball speeds while maintaining the “tour look.”

Price: Starting at $280.00/club


Tour Edge Exotics EXS

Report Card: The Exotics EXS irons are littered with technology new to Tour Edge. The “SpiderWeb” technology expands the sweet spot and extreme toe weighting allows for faster club head speeds through the ball.

Price: $799.99


Warrior Pro-Edge

Report Card: Featuring some breakthroughs in club performance, the Pr0-Edge’s biggest selling point is the state-of-the-art adjustable weighting that most golfers only find in their drivers to optimize trajectory, control and accuracy. Also incorporates Warrior’s rapid recoil technology and true launch shaft.

Price: $2,695.00


Wilson D7

Report Card: The D7’s move away from the norm of game improvement irons and towards a sleek, clean look. Wilson uses “power holes” to create more flex in the face and enough distance to satisfy the long-ball junkie.

Price: $699.99




Report Card: This Japanese high-end brand is making waves in the U.S. equipment industry by using the same face insert in their drivers and irons, satisfying power-hungry hitters with more distance. This insert brings the sweet spot lower to the leading edge, where most shots are struck, leading to less mis-hits.

Price: $999.99


Was this a birdie or a bogey? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!