Add A Digital Aspect To Your In-Person Lessons

The swing analyzer tool in the SwingU coach app allows you to review any student’s swing in detail. This tool allows you to mark up any video with positioning lines to give your student a visual guide on the adjustments they need to make. You can also record a voiceover to help explain the adjustments you are recommending.

Since this tool is easily accessed on your phone, it gives you the flexibility to provide an in-depth analysis from the practice range or even on the course. This is the perfect addition to any in-person lesson because you can send a lesson recap to review at home. 

The swing analyzer tool is a great aid to any student who is a visual learner. It helps coaches diagnose swing issues and communicate those problems easily with their students. 

To use the swing analyzer tool:

  1. Open your SwingU Coach App
  2. After clicking the hamburger menu at the top left, click on the “Swing Analyzer” button
  3. If the student has an account in your app, select their name (if they do not have an account click “Skip” at the top right corner
  4. Either begin recording a video, or click the photo button in the bottom left to upload a video
  5. Allow your phone to record the screen and microphone and begin your brief swing review
  6. Send the recording to the student on the app