Are You Utilizing One Of The Most Effective Marketing Tools?

Sending out regular email newsletters is a great way to create a regular point of contact with your students. It can enhance your online presence, especially for players who may not be on social media. If you add people to your user list regularly, newsletters are an easy way to introduce new students to your products and services. 

Newsletters are a great tool to build brand loyalty. Sending them out at the same time each week or month encourages your audience to look out for your emails in their inbox and will help improve open rates. Including content such as students’ success stories, special discounts on products and instructional videos will also encourage your audience to check back in every week. 

Finally, newsletters have been repeatedly proven to produce a high ROI. Including promotions for lesson bookings and app downloads can be a smart way to increase revenue. This is also a place that will help drive more sales to sponsorships or product deals. 

Newsletters can make a great addition to any marketing campaign when done right! Check out some expert tips below before you send out your next newsletter. If you would like to learn more about newsletters, reach out to your CSM!

3 Top tips for sending effective newsletters:

  1. Be consistent! – It has been proven that newsletters that are sent out at the same time each week have higher engagement rates.
  2. Subject lines are key – It is important to create a subject line targeted at your audience that will make them want to open the email.
  3. Use relevant pictures – Images are the first thing your audience sees when they open the newsletters. It is important they relate to the message you are sending!