Are Your Videos Doing The Trick?

Whether on your app, on social media, on your newsletter, or sent as a lesson follow up, video is a superior marketing medium for golfers.

  • We process videos 60,000x faster vs. text.
  • We share videos 1,200% more than photos.
  • We’re 27x more likely to click on video ads.

Videos don’t have to be intimidating. The bar is low for production quality due to the rise of social media posting expectations. Although, a well-edited video will always have more appeal.

DIY Steps & Tips

  • Buy $200 wireless lavalier microphone to use when shooting 
  • Have a shoot list planned so you can be efficient
  • Hire a part-time intern ($10/hr) to film you daily/weekly
  • Keep the focus – try not to clutter the area you are filming in
  • Try all genres: 1st person, student only, 3rd person + student

Next Level

  • Consider capturing close-up shots to show details
  • Use multiple camera angles to get different perspectives
  • Hire a videographer 1-2 times / year to be efficient/professional
  • Hire video editor to create a graphics package & improve “sizzle”