From The Gallery – April 17, 2023

Joke Of The Day

John’s buddies were going to be out of town for the weekend, so he decided to go down to the golf course and see if any group might need a fourth member. Sure enough, there were three women that said they would be glad to have him join them.

Since he was the guest, they decided to let him tee off first. The man teed off and his ball sliced badly to the right and landed in a sand trap.

The man immediately exclaimed, “Oh poop!”

One of the women reminded John that he was playing with three ladies, not his male buddies, and that ladies do not appreciate that kind of language. The man promptly apologized and promised it would not happen again.

The woman who had spoken to him about his language then teed off. Her ball hit a tree and then caromed off into the same sand trap.

She immediately yelled, “Oh sh*t!”

The man spoke up. He said that he realized he was a guest, but it seemed like there was a double standard in that the woman used the same word that he was told he should not use, only in a worse fashion.

The woman quickly replied, “There’s no double standard. Your ball didn’t hit the damn tree!”

(Submitted by reader Dan A.)

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