From The Gallery – January 23, 2023

Joke Of The Day

Two couples play golf together regularly at their club. On the sixth hole — a par-4 — the second shot into the green calls for an 80-yard carry over water. One of the women, Mrs. Smith, could never carry the water and would always hit into it, totally psyched out by the presence of the water.

Her friend in the group suggested that she might want to see a hypnotherapist. Rumor had it that being hypnotized could be of help in such a situation. So the woman went to a hypnotherapist for four sessions.

In those sessions, Mrs. Smith was hypnotized and the therapist would “plant suggestions” that when playing the second shot on the sixth hole Mrs. Smith would not see water, but rather a lush green fairway leading all the way up to the green.

About six months later, someone at the club asked whatever happened to Mrs. Smith. No one had seen her playing golf at the club for nearly four months.

“You didn’t hear?” the club member responded. “She drowned in the lake on No. 6!”

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