From The Gallery – June 5, 2023

Joke Of The Day

An elderly lady was concerned about her husband’s hearing. It seemed that every time she would call him, he wouldn’t respond. So, the lady went to the doctor to ask for his advice.

The doctor said to her, “You play golf with him, right? Stand a distance away from him and tell him something. Better yet, ask his advice on how to play a shot. Continue to move closer to him until he responds to your question so you know exactly how far away he is from you when he finally hears you.”

She thought this was a great idea. The next time they were out on the course, she asked from a distance, “Herbert, what club should I play for this shot?”

There was no response. She moved 10 feet closer. Again she yelled, “Herbert, what club should I play for this shot?”

Still, she got no response. So she moved another 15 feet closer, to where she was practically face-to-face with her husband. 

She yelled even louder this time, “HERBERT, WHAT CLUB SHOULD I PLAY FOR THIS SHOT?”

Herbert, annoyed, yelled back at her, “FOR THE THIRD TIME, USE A 5-IRON!”

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