From The Gallery – November 10, 2023

Joke Of The Day

An 80-year-old man moved to a new city and joined a new country club. When he first showed up at the club, a lot of its members looked at him eagerly: an old man, someone we can win some money from!

The 80-year-old man did nothing to dispel that notion.

“I hit the ball pretty good,” he said, “but I have a lot of trouble getting out of deep bunkers.”

“Aha!” thought the whippersnappers. “Our course doesn’t have many deep bunkers, but there are tons of shallow ones and if he struggles getting out of the sand, we’ll take his money for sure.”

When the 80-year-old showed up for his first round at his new course, Harvey was waiting.

“Would you like to play?” he asked the old man. “And maybe we can make it interesting; what do you say, put a little money on it?”

The 80-year-old agreed and he and Harvey set out to play.

“How many strokes do you need?” asked Harvey, who was only 55.

“Oh, I don’t need any strokes,” the old man said. “My game is really good. The only problem I’m having right now is getting out of deep bunkers.”

Harvey was a pretty good player, but the old man was really good. He was striping the ball. If not for Harvey’s 25-year age advantage, the old man would have been far ahead.

The old man even hit the ball great on a couple bunker shots.

“Hmmm,” Harvey thought, “he said he had trouble out of deep bunkers, and we haven’t really got to one of those yet … just be patient, I know he’ll find one of the deep bunkers around the 17th green.”

Sure enough, Harvey and the old man reached the par-3 17th hole tied, and the old man promptly put his tee ball right smack in the middle of the big, deep bunker in front of the green.

“I’ve got him now!” Harvey thought.

The 80-year-old slid down into the bunker and took his stance over the ball. Then he took a perfect swing and floated the ball up out of the bunker. It hit perfectly on the fringe, took one little hop and rolled to within two feet of the cup before stopping.

Harvey had seen enough.

“Dang it!” he shouted at the old man, who was still in the bunker. “I thought you said you had a lot of trouble getting out of deep bunkers!”

“Oh, I do,” the 80-year-old said, reaching out to Harvey. “Can you give me a hand?”

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