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Joke Of The Day

Tom was having trouble with his golf game from the tee box to the green, so he went to see his local pro.

“It’s all in your head,” the club pro advised. “Just relax”

Easier said than done, Tom thought.

Having trouble sleeping that night, Tom went downstairs to watch TV. The replay of that day’s golf tournament was playing and during a commercial break, Tom saw an odd-looking device guaranteed to improve your game. Interested, Tom made the call.

Two days later, Tom had the contraption in hand. It had straps for the head and chin, rods going down the back and arms, all connected together by Velcro. 

In the midst of assembling the device, the phone rang.

“I’ll figure it out later,” Tom said, and he laid the training on the bed and went to answer the phone.

Later that evening, his wife came home and went to their bedroom to change clothes. She saw the device on the bed, looking at from all angles.

She was puzzled, then a shocking thought came to her about what it could be used for.

Holding the device and standing in front of Tom, she said, “What is this?! I hope you don’t think this thing will involve me!”

“Oh no, honey,” Tom said, reassuringly. “They have it in women’s sizes, too.”

(Submitted by reader Mike B.)

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