Top 10 Caddyshack Gifts for Fanatics – Page 2

6) Carl Spackler Camo Bucket Hat — $26.95


Bill Murray’s iconic role as the Bushwood head greenskeeper solidified him as a king in cinematic comedy. Now you can own his famous camoflaugue bucket hat while you kill all the golfers… GOPHERS. I MEANT GOPHERS.

7) Lacy Autographed Photo (Signed by Cindy Morgan) — $49.97

Cindy Morgan’s portrayal of Judge Smails’ niece, Lacy, was not only incredibly funny but she single-handedly injected sexuality into the game of golf… and we are all so happy she did. This autographed photo would look nice on your nightstand.


8) Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack — $144 to $3,915


Originally a commissioned piece, this amazing painting of the movie’s cast by David O’Keefe brings the “big four” of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight front and center, where they deserve to be.  You have all kinds of sizes and options to choose from including framing and the type of print.  Any golf fan would be proud to have this hanging in their office, equipment shack or yacht club.  

9) Dancing Gopher — $99.99

Yes, you can purchase a dancing robotic version of the movie’s true star: the Gopher. There might not be another movie mascot as recognizable as this little guy, so be sure to pick one of these up today.


10) Michael O’keefe Signed Caddyshack Golf Ball (Bushwood Country Club) — $45.46

Bottom line, this is a steal. 



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