SwingU Versus: Personalized Strokes Gained Analysis

Dear SwingU Premium Subscribers,

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of SwingU Versus, an integrated strokes gained analysis system available to SwingU Premium subscribers that tracks and analyzes every facet of your game from tee to green.

Don’t worry, there isn’t any price bump – at least for you; you’re grandfathered in at your current rate – but we’re significantly enhancing your subscription with the integration of strokes gained analysis that is used by Tour pros and major champions.

For the first time, SwingU users can keep and analyze their stats as if they were a Tour pro, but at a more relatable and productive level.

Whether you’re a scratch player trying to reach elite amateur status or a bogey golfer trying to reach a single-digit handicap, choose a target handicap and find out what areas of your game are highest priority for immediate improvement.

Versus will let you know how you stack up across five key areas of the game: driving, approach shots, chipping & pitching, bunker play and putting.

Each facet of your game will be given a “relative handicap,” so you can easily and accurately identify the area of your game that needs the most attention.

In addition to the data, SwingU’s AI-driven algorithm will assign you a prescriptive drill, focusing you on the game-improvement priority that will lower your handicap and scores fast!

There’s no other strokes gained platform in the world like SwingU Versus- easy to use with instant personalized feedback and game-improvement planning.  Other harder-to-use, less compelling strokes gained platforms are as expensive as $199.99 per year.

The quest to play your best golf just got smarter, faster and easier with SwingU Versus, now available on iOS  (coming soon to Android).


Charles Cox