A “Get-Right” Drill For Struggling Golfers

Here’s probably the hardest drill that I give, but it’s also one of the best drills. This is a very important drill for a golfer to work on when they’re learning the game or when they get into that stretch where golf just becomes really hard work and you’re just not making solid contact.

When a golfer is struggling, it’s instinctive for them to use their hands to guide and steer the club down to the ball. When we get into that state, if we’re hitting the ball solid it’s lucky. So we’re going to do the opposite of that. we’re going to get set up, the ball has to be in the right place, take your top hand off the club, and you’re going to point to the club to the target. From this point, your right arm doesn’t do anything manually. You’re going to turn your chest with a little bit of energy to get that club to swing and when the club runs out of momentum, you’re just going to let the club fall. Now that’s not going to do a whole lot of good until we turn, so as the club is falling, turn over to the finish.

We can hit remarkably solid shots because you’re allowing the golf club to swing. Use this drill when golf starts to become a lot of exertion and it’ll get you back to letting the golf club swing and you’ll be shocked at how solid you hit it.