Body Control

If you’ve been following the theme of the last few weeks you’ll notice that there’s a pattern to these emails – tip, principle, tip, principle, etc. So, you guessed it, this week it’s all about the principle (but I’ve woven a short tip in too this time). Before we start adding pressure to your full swing, we need to take control of your movement patterns! 

My wife and I fought hard to get out of debt a number of years ago, and one of Dave Ramsey’s principles that stuck in my head was this: “I don’t want your money to happen to you, I want you to happen to your money!” So many of you are letting your swing happen to you, instead of you happening to your swing! It’s time you learn how to “happen to your swing.”

A drill that Jim Furyk was given as an elite junior golfer and young professional was learning to slow down and control the movement. He shares this story so beautifully, and I want you to commit to practicing like this for the next few weeks – shoot, you could practice like this for the rest of your life! 

What do I mean by “slowing down”? It’s pretty simple, Slow down to the point where you can carry every iron and wood  in your bag 100 yards (seniors, juniors, and ladies move that down to 50 or 75 yards if you can’t carry your irons that far). 

‘Well Scott, I’ve tried something like that before and I can’t go that slow!’

Yes you can. It just hasn’t mattered enough to you. You must make a full swing and slow the motion so far down that none of those clubs carry over that distance. No half or partial swings. Slow it down that far, and learn to hit the middle of the clubface while you do it. 

‘Well Scott, I hit it worse when I do that!’

You just proved my point. You don’t actually have control over what’s going on. The momentum and weight of the club and the wandering of your mind and worries about the shot are running the show. You may be swinging the club when you go at a “normal” speed, but you aren’t in control of anything!  Slow it WAAAY down like this, and keep the speed the same amount back and through! 

If this frustrates you, you’re in good company. Mr. 58, Jim Furyk, had the same experience the first time he tried to do this. You can control it. Suck it up and take control! Need more assistance with this?! Get on my calendar and let’s help you take command of your game!  

I’ll see you next week for more pressure packed tips on the range for your full swing!