Control Trajectory And Distance With Your Wedges

I’m faced with a 60-yard wedge shot. And it’s pretty common that people ask me, “How do I hit that mid-range shot where it’s not a full swing?”

The key thing that I see people struggling with is they make a full swing when it’s not a full-swing shot. And if I played this shot, I want you to watch me and how small the swing is.

So notice the big, high follow through I made or didn’t.

The idea that I need to make a full backswing and a long follow-through is a misconception. And if you want to get good at your short and mid-range shots, you want to learn to pivot and lever the club, and then use the ground as a lever, so I’m going to push up off my left knee, my left knee straightens, my body comes out of tilt, and as I raise up, I deliver the club down with my wrist, get the club head speed to go high, but I still want to finish low and short.

I’m gonna swing small, use the ground. My follow-through is short. My contact is solid. And all of a sudden, I’ve got trajectory control and distance control on my mid-range wedge shots.