Control Distance & Trajectory With Your Irons (VIDEO)

What I love about this game is you can take a pitching wedge and hit the ball different distances. And also you can use the same club to hit it different trajectories.

What I try and do to hit a different distance is grip shorter down on the club and narrow my stance. So when I narrow my stance, I’m going to take less of a backswing and less of a follow-through.

Ball in the middle of my stance, short back and through. The trajectory will go a little lower.

Now I’m going to hit this a little longer. I put the ball further forward, open the face, longer swing, ball goes higher, ball goes further.

Now for a full one, I’m going to widen my stance, weight slightly left, longer backswing longer follow through fuller swing, and I can hit that ball like 120 yards if I need to.

So remember, narrowing your stance, less of a turn, shorter backswing for shorter shots, also keeps the ball lower.

When you narrow your stance, the ball will be further back in your stance, the ball will go lower. Soon as you widen your stance, the spine angle go behind. So now you take a longer swing the ball go higher, land softer and go longer.

Work on your short irons. Control your distances and you’re going to shoot lower scores