Get The Most Distance Out Of Your Driver

The more ball speed I get off of the club speed that I’ve generated is going to equal a higher smash factor more and distance.
The first step is just hitting it in the center of the face. So I’ve spread the face with a foot powder and I’m just looking to establish a pattern. When I hit a couple of shots I’ll get a definitive mark on the face and I’ll have an understanding of where I am striking this ball on the clubface. Find your pattern and start to make adjustments, first with just athleticism trying to hit it in a different spot. If you have to infuse a prop into your practice session you can do that as well.
Now the other thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re increasing smash factor, is just get an idea of the direction you’re swinging it in relation to where the face is pointing. Getting the face to line up squarely with the path it’s on and is also going to help increase ball speed, increase that smash factor, and ultimately be hitting the ball further.