Easiest Way To Hit A Chip-And-Run (VIDEO)

I get asked a question all the time, “Well, don’t you want the ball back when you hit it low?”

And my answer is I do not because I can keep the ball where it is I keep my nose on this side of the ball.

Most people move the ball back to get their nose on this side of the ball, but then they end up leaning on their back foot. So their spine is in what I call a shallow position, and their swing is steep.

Well, the opposite of that is I put the ball forward. Now I lean my nose left to the ball and my spine is left. So my spine is what’s in a steep position are going to hit it low, the club head is going to release shallow, but I’m going to do that with the hooded club face and can I may adjust my path.

So my path is to the right, my club face is closed, and that delofts a shot. So I’m hitting a very low chip and run even though I’ve got a 58-degree wedge and the balls forward by managing my spine tilt and the face relative to the path.