Generate More In-App Sales With Coupons

Coupons have repeatedly proven themselves as one of the most effective tools to sell a product. Special discounts attract buyers because of the low price and create a sense of urgency when the offer is limited. Basing your sale on special events or holidays makes your product more relatable and will be noticed more frequently.

Offering sales on your products can be an effective strategy to gain long-term customers. For example, if you offer a sale on a monthly subscription in your app and the customer enjoys your product, they will be more likely to continue paying for the subscription in the future. If your goal is to gain more yearly subscribers, then you can offer a sale on that price and give customers an incentive to sign up for the long term.

When creating sales, it is important to find a price point that will attract the most amount of people without damaging your revenue. There is no perfect percentage discount to give, but typically the lower the price, the greater number of people who buy the product!

Coupon codes can easily be created for your in-app purchases by asking your CSM. You will need to provide the percent discount desired and the duration of the sale.

Pro tip: post your coupon code on social media to generate the most awareness possible!