The Perfect Tee Height For Your Driver (VIDEO)

A lot of golfers out there you get with your drive and you’re wondering how should I tee the ball. And for me, I always think that I want to hit it with a lower trajectory, depending on the wind, I tee it a little lower. And then if I want to hit it really high it a little higher.

But this is not an exact science, you have to experiment with your tee height, and you have to think about what type of trajectory you want to hit the ball. So first of all, you can see the first ball I have it lower.

So as soon as I do that, I put it slightly further back in my stance, narrow my stance and I’m going to really come in shallow and hit the ball with a lower trajectory. So watch right here. So lower tee. That ball didn’t go that high off the ground. I usually hit the shot if I’m into the wind of the fairways, a very narrow the next tee, you can see it’s way higher.

Now why did my stance I get my spine angle even more behind. And so now I’m going to hit on the OP. So instead of a descending blow, because my spine angle is behind, I’m going to have a descending blow, hang behind and and swing through.

You’re gonna see that trajectory is going to be way higher. So right then then you can see that boy in high with a big draw, and I’m going to hit a lot further. So work on your tee height, experiment at home, hit different shots and you’re going to see a big difference.