Score Better Playing In The Wind (VIDEO)

If you’re a golfer like me that goes to Scotland every year and plays in the wind, usually you play out and then back in on these great golf courses with crosswinds.

You want to learn how to hit three-quarter shots on a lower trajectory that penetrates the wind.

Here in my hand, I have a 4-iron. I’m going to set up and your ball position can be in the same place, but all you’re going to do is feel like you’ve finished a little lower.

If it’s a left-to-right wind, I aim slightly left; if it’s a right-to-left wind, I aim slightly right. But I want to feel like I hit a three-quarter shot.

Why is that important?

Because the harder you hit it, the more spin you put on the ball. I’m going to put 80% of my weight right here on my left side, but I still have spine tilt. And then when I go back, my weight stays in the middle of my stance and I just swing through nice and easy.

The ball goes dead straight every single time. You can hit it left and the wind will take it to the right. You hit it to the right, the wind will take it slightly to the left.

Work on that three-quarter shot. You don’t need to move your ball position back, keep it there, but the key is to keep that weight left. Turn to the backswing feel the weight stays in the middle of your stance and then go back to the impact position.

Staying consistent through the ball is going to make a big difference in the wind. And you’re gonna love playing in Scotland, just like me