Staying Organized Is Easy With Online Lesson Booking

Online booking is an easy and inexpensive way for instructors to be more efficient with their time and offer the best service possible to their students. Keeping your lesson book online is quickly becoming the industry standard. It creates a clear line of communication from the instructor to the student on exactly what their options are and what times are available. There will be no more double booking or relying on others to communicate new or canceled lessons.

Having an online calendar is also useful for hosting one-time events like putting clinics. When promoting these events, you can directly link the booking page to your ads, making it easy for students to sign up. As an instructor, you will be able to limit the number of spots available, so you will not have to spend time updating a list.

Prices for these scheduling platforms vary depending on the company and subscription you pick but are relatively affordable compared to the advantages they offer. These platforms can allow the calendars to be viewed by any instructor who has access, ensuring everyone at your facility is connected. You can also choose a plan to have more than one calendar allowing all of your team to offer this same service to their students.

If you have any questions about your online scheduling options or would like to see an example, contact your CSM today!