Stop Chipping With A Sand Wedge (VIDEO)

So we’re faced with a shot, where I’m off the green. And I’ve got about 40 feet of green to work with to the pin. And I would ask you, what is the objective?

And I would say the first objective, when I’m off the green is to get it from off the green on the green. And I know that sounds terribly simple. But if you ever hit a chip from off the green and head to chip, again, that’s a bad scenario.

So if you watch TV, or you were with me when I played a round of golf, chances are, I would use my 58-degree wedge to chip with, but I happen to be an expert. And just because I wrote in a book that I use a 58-degree wedge when I chip doesn’t mean that’s the best option for everybody in the world. So it might be a good option to take a hybrid, or in my instance, it’s I don’t carry a hybrid, I take my nine wood, and I just take my nine wood, and I just roll it out on the green.

So it takes very little effort if you swing the club head to let the club head swing back and tap the ball much like you did when you when you putted. And with this short grass, and no rough between me and the green, rolling the ball on, it’s not a bad option to use a putter.

So if you’re worried about your score, I would like for you to use the club that’s most convenient for you to get it from off the green on the on the green and then possibly have a chance to two putt or even one putt.

So I’m going to pick my 58-degree wedge and pitch this ball out there nice and soft. Let it roll down the hill. But that happens to be the shot that I’m good at. And I practiced that for a long time. So when it comes to strategy, don’t be set in your ways. Learn your game and pick the shot that best suits you to score low.