Trust Your Stroke Like Jordan Spieth (VIDEO)

Today I have a drill that can give you the feeling of trusting your stroke back and through.

I call it the Jordan Spieth drill, where he looks at the hole and makes a stroke.

What I like about this drill is that you’re going to have to trust the feel that you have while making the stroke. Also what I love about this drill, it keeps your head still.

I see too many players, when they rock their shoulders, the head goes forward and then backward. With this drill, you’re looking at the hole keeping your head dead still.

Now you can feel the putter go straight back and straight through feeling aggressive. I also can see out of the corner of my eye my shoulders rocking back in through. there is no hand action.

Work on this. It’s going to give you the feeling of how the putter goes back and through. Also, I feel that the back of my left hand stays steady and never breaks down through impact.

Work on the Jordan Spieth drill. You’re gonna make putts just like him.