VIDEO: Attack Back Pins

Back pins are perfect for a lower trajectory shot, so you can scoot the ball back to the hole.

Now, I’ve got a pitching wedge here for those shots where I want to send the ball back and I want it to run, I’ve got green to work with.

This is the time where I’m going to use more of my 7:30-type swing. In some cases, if it’s a little windy, I might even really abbreviate the follow-through. But my goal here is again, the stock ball position, my nice setup and all I’m trying to do is keep that club around the 7:30 position and rotate through.

If I want to bring it down excessively, I’m going to really abbreviate the follow-through to to almost four o’clock on the clock here. That’s going to get the ball landing on the green, it’s not going to have as much spin but it’s going to chase back to that hole.

So when you have a back pin location, bring that trajectory down just a little bit more and chase the ball up to the hole to give yourself a putt.