WATCH: Hit More Greens From A Downhill Lie

Here I’ve got a downhill lie, and this is what I love for those of you who love early extension. This is a great drill to stop this.

For me, I’m one of those culprits. I like to come steep, under and lose my angles. So I hit a lot of balls on a downhill lie.
So what does this do?

Set up to the ball. I feel now my left shoulder is low, my right shoulder is high. So now I can keep the club more out in front of me; a lot more tilt my shoulders, I get nice wide, and I get a little bit of extension here in my chest.

Now in my lead arm when I come down, I can feel the club shallowing, but more importantly, guess what happens to my left shoulder? It doesn’t go up.

As soon as I go steep and my left shoulder goes up, the club gets behind me and I block it or hook it. So now with this, pressure into my left side, left shoulder stays low. Look at that impact position. Now the club can exit more left instead of out to the right.

So just by doing these drills is going to automatically change the plane of your swing.

Look at my angles. I’ve got a lot more side bend. Right shoulder finishes, left shoulder finishes high. So now I’m hitting down and left keeping my arms in front of me.

Use a downhill lie. Bye-bye early extension. Hello greens.