WATCH: Hit Your Long Irons Higher To Make Them Stop Faster

Today we’re going to talk about launching your long irons a little higher, bringing them in softly into a green.

Tour players are always trying to hit their short irons a little lower and their long irons a little higher; trying to fit a window where every shot flies through.

Davis Lamb is with me today. We’re gonna let him hit his normal 5-iron, take a look at what TrackMan says, then make a couple of slight adjustments in his setup to launch the ball a little higher.

Davis launched that at 16° for a height of 102 feet, carry of about 190. This time, we’re gonna make a slight adjustment in Davis’s setup.

We’re gonna go a half a ball further forward. We’re gonna raise the left hip a little bit — that pushes the center back.

If he makes his normal swing from here, we should see something that launches a little higher.

Launch characteristics came out at almost 18° for the launch angle as opposed to 16° and we gained about 13 feet as far as total height goes, so that ball is going to come down a lot softer.

If you need to launch your long irons a little higher, we only lost a yard or two of distance with that. We want to get the left side of the pelvis a little higher. Slide the ball about a half a ball forward in your stance, and continue to make your normal golf swing.

The geometry there will launch the ball higher and land it softer.