WATCH: Make Perfect Contact On Your Chip Shots

Here’s a great indoor drill that you can do at home, in the den, in the family room. It’s really simple, I like to have something on the ground that I can see what the quality of strike would be and where the club landed.

What I have set up here is three golf balls that are the length of a grip behind — I just have a nickel down on the ground. And so what we’re working on here, I see a lot of chippers that struggle to get the club to land in the right spot.

These three balls back here, it’s a great visual that I don’t want to be coming down here and getting rid of all that wrist angle too early.

Just simply set up like you’re getting ready to hit a chip shot. There’s a wrist hinge in the backswing, which makes it very easy — or should be — for the club to clear over those golf balls in the backswing. So I’ll go there and then I’ll go ahead and turn my chest through making sure that I don’t, you know, extend those wrists too soon, so there and there.

Make sure you try that at home because you’re going to be a better chipper when you really start to control exactly where you land the club on the ground each time.