WATCH: Putt Your Best Under Pressure

Most great putters have a great routine. What makes a good routine? Consistency.

They do the same thing over and over again. The time it takes to hit the putt is pretty much the same. Under pressure, the routine doesn’t change at all.
What does this help you with? It keeps your focus, it makes you relax, and gives you a free stroke.

Once I’ve placed the ball on the ground, the first thing I want you to notice is body language. A lot of the players walk up and down, they look at the slope of the green and they pick their breaking point.

Once they pick their breaking point, now they know where they want to hit the putt. So watch their body language when they walk. If I’m walking towards this ball, watch me, I’ve got a lot of energy. So now walk behind the ball, I take a look, I see where I’m going to hit the putt, and now walk in, visualizing the target, especially the breaking point.

Now when I step over the ball, I can make two practice swings. And the second one I look again where I want to roll the ball. Then I take my address position, grip the putter, take another look come back and then I hit.

Once you really give yourself a chance to work on your routine, it’s going to become natural, it becomes easy, it becomes free and your stroke has the same feeling. Too many people start thinking about their technical stroke and now they don’t work on a routine where they focus on their target.

So remember, see. Then you take your practice swings to feel. Then you step over the putt and you execute. So this is going to build way more consistency in your stroke, builds confidence and you’ll make more putts, so work on that routine.