WATCH: What The Best Putters On Tour Have In Common

I feel like if we’re trying to get better at golf, one of the best things we can do is copy people who are very successful and they make it look easy.

So if I asked you if you had a 15 foot putt to win your championship, and you could sub in anybody in the history of the game in the prime of their career to hit the putt for you, who would you say you would want to hit that putt?

I get lots of different people. Lots of people say Tiger Woods. My pick would be Jack Nicklaus. He seemed to make the one on the last hole as much as anybody in the history of the game. There’s great putters now like Jason Day and Jordan Spieth. I really like the way Rickie Fowler rolls his putter. It would be easy to say Brad Faxon or Ben Crenshaw or Loren Roberts.

But if I said what one characteristic might be common amongst all those people, I would ask you, if we looked at the distance they make a backswing and the distance they make it through swing, do those two match? Or is the through swing shorter or longer? And I would say all those people fall in the same category.

Well, if you’ve never heard that question, it’s kind of a cool question. But do you know the answer? And the answer isn’t what you think you should do. The answer is what did they do. And I tend to believe that most of them have a shorter follow through than backswing.

And to my student base when I’m traveling the country and doing clinics, that answer surprises them a lot of times.

You would ask why is that? Well, as we go farther into these video series, I’m going to give you answers as to why the best players tend to swing back a little bit bigger than they follow through, and that’s going to help your putting a lot.