5 Survival Tips On How Not To Hack It Up During A Round of Business Golf

There is more to surviving a round of golf for business purposes than knowing where to stand on the putting green when the big boss or potential mega client is lining up a slippery, downhill six-footer. Business golf, which includes a foursome of the boss and three others vying for his/her affection, or client entertaining, is chock full of secret protocols that must be nailed to get ahead in the corporate rat race.

Either be in the know, or end up being like a wayward slice on a tight dogleg right…out of play.

Essential: Always know the three-hottest stocks in the entire stock market, and one reason why they are hot.

Tesla makes electronic cars that are changing how people drive and view the planet. Do you know how much the stock has risen this year (it’s about 75%)? Do you know the CEO and Founder Elon Musk (Google search this guy!) is this generation’s Albert Einstein? Others in the group won’t, but you should. Sounding smart in a foursome is vital.

Essential: Always know the hottest tech gadget or app.

Everyone in your group has money, your $200 green fee and cart receipt says so. Wow the group with tech stuff that their hard-earned money could be spent on. Best believe he/she will remember you when they go home and share the cool news with a partner.

One freebie example: the connected home is the next big thing in tech. Simply play around on a tablet app and poof, you could program the lights in your house, tape TV shows (on the Back9Network, of course), and watch your kids beat each other up.

Essential: Always know what news the President made that week.

After hitting a tee-shot, you are likely walking 300 yards down the middle of the fairway with three other people. Toss this question out there: “see what the President did/said this week?” Let others talk, agree or disagree to nothing, you are just the conversation starter.

Essential: Never not know about your potential client.

Forget the driving range the day before a round, your ugly swing is already grooved. So instead hit Google and start researching more about your client, his/her company, the industry, and how you could help. Client golf is an interview process except that one is surrounded by sand traps instead of four white office walls.

Essential: Don’t let the boss off the hook.

After a five-hour round of golf and one-hour in the 19th hole, don’t drive away without getting specifics from the boss on when to follow up on things you discussed at the halfway house. Secure dates and times for meetings in the coming week, it will make you sound like a company person that is on the ball. That’s how career advancement happens.

Brian Sozzi is the CEO and chief equities strategist of Belus Capital Advisors and a special features correspondant for TheStreet (www.thestreet.com). He is responsible for providing independent investment research to investors for Belus Capital Advisors, and hosting new executive interviews from Fortune 500 companies for TheStreet. He is also a personal finance columnist for Men’s Health magazine.


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