Back9Network Launches National Player Development Campaign To Increase Golf Handicap Awareness And Registrations

HARTFORD, Conn., Dec. 18, 2014 – BACK9NETWORK, the golf lifestyle network, has launched an aggressive promotional campaign featuring the importance of golf handicap indexing for all players. 

Beginning Dec. 22, 2014, BACK9NETWORK will air an ongoing series of public service announcements showcasing the importance and benefits of having a golf handicap. Featuring BACK9NETWORK on-air talent, the PSAs will also provide a call to action on how to get a golf handicap through state and regional golf associations. Activated initially on BACK9NETWORK’s digital and on-air platforms (DIRECTV Channel 262), custom versions of the PSAs will also be made available to state and regional golf associations for use on their websites, via digital communications and local cable TV. 

Created internally by BACK9NETWORK, each PSA leverages humor and key messaging related to why golf handicaps make the game more enjoyable. The first PSA,  “The Sandbagger” features Matty Blake, host of “Off Par With Matty Blake” as a stereotypical “sandbagger” looking to take advantage of his fellow competitors by not having a legitimate golf handicap. Subsequent PSAs feature other BACK9NETWORK on-air talent, including John Maginnes, PGA Tour veteran and co-host of “The Clubhouse,” and veteran golf writer Shane Bacon, co-host of “The Turn.” 

Reid Gorman, BACK9NETWORK’s Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Golf Industry Relations commented, “BACK9NETWORK is all about making golf more fun and inclusive, while celebrating those already passionate about the game.  We’re partnering with state and regional golf associations on this player development initiative that is well aligned with our shared core mission and purpose.  It’s about maximizing fun and playability, since unlike any other sport, golf provides the chance for all players to equally enjoy the game, especially through having an indexed handicap.” 



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