Does It Drive: The Flying Feast

Charles and the Does It Drive Crew celebrate Thanksgiving the only way they know how: answering the age-old question, “Does Thanksgiving Drive?”

Where you can donate food this holiday season:

Food Share (Hartford, CT)
Find a Local Food Bank
Feeding America

Does It Drive – Season Two Episodes:
– Does It Drive: Mountain Dew Cheetos
– Does It Drive: Hot Head
– Does it Drive: Piñata
– Does It Drive: Gillette Hydra Gel Shaving Cream
– Does It Drive: JELL-O
– Does it Drive: Onyx Moonshine
– Does It Drive: Red Bull

Does It Drive – Season One Episodes:
– Hot Pockets vs. Lean Pockets
– Axe vs. Old Spice
– Whopper vs. Big Mac
– Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One
– The Flying Feast
– Cassette vs. Compact Disk
 –The Hardest Drive
– Halloween Hack-A-Thon
– Red Sox vs. Cardinals
– Trial By Fire
– Busch vs. Busch Lite
– Taco Bell vs. Chipotle
– iPhone vs. Blackberry


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