Golf Treasures: Episode 7 Preview

Jim McCormick is known as the godfather of golf.  His collection is worth millions and spans from the Victorian era to present day. Jim is a stern businessman who doesn’t normally sell, but he’s been a long-time client of Green Jacket Auctions and invited Bob and Ryan to meet in person … and possibly sell.  Bob and Ryan aren’t taking any chances – they brought a secret weapon with them – something Jim’s had his eyes on for years, that might sweeten the deal if he isn’t willing to part with something great. But Jim isn’t a yes man, so Bob and Ryan will have to do a lot more than sweet talk Jim to get what they need.

David Berkowitz is a dealer by trade who has a long-standing reputation in the golf industry for having everything and anything you could be looking for.  Once a competitor auctioneer, David’s now decided to turn to Green Jacket Auctions to help lighten the load for him and sell some things.  Ryan and Bob can’t wait to see what kind of display he’s got lined up in his home  – little do they know they’ll be digging through a lot more than they can handle.

Golf Treasures on The Clubhouse

Jim McCormick House

Obama Flag
Auctioned For …$2,500
Total Commision ….$750

Olympic Trophy
Auctioned For …. $30,000
Total Commission $9,000

David Berkowitz

Henry Cotton Passport
Auctioned For … $500
Total Commission …. $75

PGA Flag
Auctioned For ….$450.
Total Commission ….$135

Auctioned For …$1,600
Total Commission $480

Dunlop Golf Ball Display
Auctioned For ….$2,000
Total Commission ….$600

Pinball Machine
Auctioned For … $6,000
Total Commission ….$1,800

Golf Treasures: Most Expensive Golf Memorabilia

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