Golf Treasures: Episode 8 Preview

Mike and Chris Hurdzan are well-known architects with one of the largest golf collections in the world. They’re such enthusiasts, that they modeled their office after an old British golf-themed village. Their memorabilia is known as one of the world’s greatest golf collections and they have some of the rarest items around. There’s just one problem: they have never worked with Green Jacket Auctions. Not only will Bob and Ryan have to prove themselves as experts in the industry, but convince both father and son to sell. We’ll see everything from an extremely rare Merion Country Club Wicker Basket to a 1930’s Schoenhut indoor golf game that they’ll have to play to finalize the deal.

Gary Wyckoff, who lives just outside Columbus, Ohio, is a collector and a dealer. His interests lie heavily in antiques that range from 20th century contestant badges, metals, scorekeepers, ceramics and statues. His office literally glistens with silver and gold. He may look like a laid back guy, but he’s a shark at the negotiation table. Ryan and Bob will have to really roll up their sleeves and keep a close eye out for the tiny pieces that’ll strike big at their next auction –Gary’s got a wealth to dig through!

Episode 8: Pinehurst Putter Boys

Mike and Chris Hurdzan

Arnold Palmer Tractor
Auctioned For: $600
Profit: $175

Wicker Basket
Auctioned For: $14,000
Total Commission: $4,200

Schoenhut Indoor Golf Game
Auctioned For: $4,000
Total Commission: $1,200

Gary Wyckoff

Billy the possum memorabilia
Auctioned For: $600
Total Commission: $100

Auctioned For: $14,000
Total Commission: $4,900

Putter Boys
Auctioned For: $2,000

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