Intelligence Isn’t Exactly Steve Elkington’s Bag

Because Steve Elkington likes a good Twitter war, the 51-year-old Aussie chimed in on Michael Sam on Tuesday. Apparently ESPN’s coverage of the openly gay NFL prospect has been too much for the golfer to handle, so he released a series of tweets — one of which was screen-grabbed before he deleted it.

He can try to pretend his idiotic rant never happened, but screen-grabs don’t lie.


Elkington later tweeted at Yahoo Sports golf blogger Shane Bacon, but according to Bacon, he never sent anything Elkington’s way.

Elkington continued his attempt to justify his Sam comment by comparing the situation to “oriental spectators,” wondering why race needed to be pointed out.

Because Bacon was brought into the ordeal, he asked Elkington why he deleted his derogatory tweet about Sam. When Elkington said it was because the PGA Tour asked him to, Bacon reached out the to the PGA Tour for a comment.

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