The Clubhouse: Golf Treasures

Owners of Green Jacket Auctions and stars of Back9Network’s “Golf Treasures” Ryan Carey and Bob Zafian bring some amazing pieces of golf memorabilia into “The Clubhouse” for Jeff and John to drool over.  Some of the rare items include flags from the 1997 Masters ($2,500) and the 1999 PGA Championship ($1,600), President Obama’s golf ball, a ball from the 1940s ($15,000) and one of Arnold Palmer’s Masters trophies ($200,000).

Tune into an all-new “Golf Treasures” airing Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Back9Network — DIRECTV channel 262.

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Former PGA Tour pro John Maginnes, longtime Golfweek Senior Writer Jeff Rude, and extreme sports champion Will Christien, co-host Back9Network’s nightly talk show, “The Clubhouse.” The playful banter of Christien, Maginnes, and Rude will echo the conversations one would hear at the 19th hole. The trio’s no-holds-barred discussions will cover the latest happenings both on and off the course, as they incorporate questions and guidance from viewers at home, celebrities and the game’s professionals.

Making a stop at “The Clubhouse” gives golf lovers across the country a perfect way to end the day, weeknights at 10PM Eastern.


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