The Clubhouse: World-Renowned Swing Coach Hank Haney

Thursday on “The Clubhouse,” Tiger Woods’ longtime swing coach, Hank Haney, talked with John Maginnes and Jeff Rude about his time as a professional instructor — most notably with Woods. The two worked together over the course of seven years, winning six majors and 31 PGA Tour events during that time period.

Haney discussed Woods’ game today, saying he doesn’t practice nearly as much as he used to, attributing that to injuries and his children. Haney also went on to discuss his book, “The Big Miss,” and the types of responses he’s received from it.


While Haney has seen the top with Woods — a former No.1 player in the world — he’s also seen the other side of the spectrum in the likes of Charles Barkley.

“I always say in my clinics I feel like I’m uniquely qualified,” Haney said. “I’m the only coach who’s arguably worked with the greatest player in the game in Tiger, and the worst player in the game in Charles.”

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