The Spar On ‘Off Par’: Rude Vs. Maginnes, The Rematch

John Maginnes and Jeff Rude square off in a spirited rematch of golf trivia with Matty Blake serving as the moderator on Off Par. See who wins this intense bout and what a mistake in the first match led to for an unlucky show producer.

Off Par co-hosted by acclaimed actor and comedian Matty Blake, veteran voice, theatre and television actor Charles Everett, and model Caite Upton is an inventive look at the world of golf and entertainment, with a seriously comedic twist. Matty and Charles, along with Caite and musical director Universo Pereira, will deliver free-flowing laughs in the form of viral internet videos, user-generated social media content, golf-themed skits, and guest appearances by other comedians.

Tune into Off Par airing Monday-Friday at 8 p.m. EST on Back9Network — DIRECTV channel 262.


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