Tweek in Review: The Week’s Best Tweets

The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course. Here are our favorite tweets from the week that was.


1) #Badass Camaro

2) Life is Good

3) Open Championship Reflections

4) Hangin’ With the Black Knight

5) Back to the States, Back to Fast Food

6) Mozo’s New Kicks

7) LPGA International Crown


8) Ian Poulter Really, Really Likes Elephants

9) A Little R & R

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10) Ferrari of the Week

11) Stenson Found Nemo

12) Seasoned Tee Markers

13) Reppin’ the U.S.A.

14) Twinning

15) Gulbis at Whistling Straits

16) Secret Agent Man

17) Let’s Discuss Our J’s

18) Inside Golf with Bubba Watson 

19) Jay Harris Makes Hole-in-One, Wins Car

20) Annika’s New Digs

21) Like Father, Like Son

22) Meeting the Saints

23) Octopus Pants Still Hanging Around

24) Bubba Gets His ESPY

25) RAWR! 

26) Go Low with Indigo

27) Canada Fun

28) Back at It

29) Grinding at the Range

“A little golf post workout. I did a frame by frame with my @gopro but I need more practice until I can show u that good thing I have an amazing teacher! #workingonit #harderthanitlooks #sunset “

30) Birthday Shenanigans 

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