Tweek in Review: The Week’s Best Tweets

The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course. Here are our favorite tweets from the week that was.


1) PGA Tour Takes in NYC, Liberty National


2) DL III at Sleepy Hollow

3) The Gun Show

4) Old School

5) McDowell’s Welcome Baby Girl

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6) Nice Raffle Prize! 

7) B9N Ambassadors Take Ice Bucket Challenge


8) Rehab Painting

9) Bubba Fans at Chipotle

10) Hangin’ with Coach

11) Night Putting

12) Hangin’ with No. 42


13) Kaymer, Garcia Take in Another U.S. Open

14) Titleist Commercial

15) Grip It & Sip it

Image on Twitpic

Image on Twitpic

16) In the Hamptons 

17) Getting His Swell On

18) Bubba Maze

19) Putting Drill Time Lapse

20) Custom Kicks

21) Sun Devils Pride

22) Backyard Golf Lessons

23) Night Out with Barkley, Emmitt Smith

24) Night Hike

25) Nerd Nation

26) Nephew Ridin’ Dirty

27) J’s to J’s

28) Mini Golf/BFF’s


29) RedBull Dinner

30) Action Shot

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